KAR 10th Model Questions Papers 2024 Karnataka SSLC Syllabus Exam Pattern 2024

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Karnataka State Board 10th Class Syllabus and Model Questions Papers 2024 Details is Chemical Substances Nature and Behaviour / Chemical Reactions Chemical Equation Balanced Chemical Equation / Implications of A Balanced Chemical Equation / Types of Chemical Reactions : Combination / Decomposition / Displacement / Double Displacement / Precipitation / Neutralization / Oxidation And Reduction / Acids / Bases And Salts / Furnishing of H+ and OH- Ions / General Properties / Examples / Concept of Ph Scale Definition Relating to Logarithm not Required / Importance of Ph in Everyday Life Preparation and Uses of Sodium Hydroxide / Bleaching Powder / Baking Soda / Washing Soda and Plaster of Paris / Metals and Non Metals / Properties of Metals and Non-Metals / Reactivity Series / Formation And Properties of Ionic / Compounds / Basic Metallurgical Processes / Corrosion and its Prevention,,,

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